Thankful for… Our Community!

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As Thanksgiving approaches, we are celebrating what we are thankful for at Camp Restore Detroit! Our ministry wouldn’t be possible without so many incredible people and supporters! We could not begin to touch on all the things we are thankful for, so we have decided to highlight four.

The fourth aspect of our ministry we are thankful for is our community! Our community is a vital part of our ministry! Community members and leaders are some of our biggest supporters and are always looking for ways to partner with Camp Restore Detroit and our campers to restore hope in Detroit!

Our community truly is so important to the ministry of Camp Restore Detroit because we try to do everything in partnership with our community. From community meetings to determine where our help can best be used, to partnering on service projects, our community is constantly at the front of our minds and the first people we consult and consider when taking on a project. Our goal since Camp Restore Detroit started was always to partner with community members and leaders already hard at work restoring our neighborhood. In doing so, we only add to the good already happening, and campers and community members work side-by-side, sharing stories and creating life-long memories. Most importantly, we are able to share the love of Jesus with our community through our words and actions!

Would you like to partner with Camp Restore Detroit and get to know our community? If you’re interested in bringing a camper group, serving as a local volunteer, or partnering financially, visit our website, send us an email at [email protected], or give us at call at 313-530-3522! We are open year-round and love campers and volunteers of all ages, abilities, and gifts. We would love to serve with you!

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