Frequently Asked Questions

Detroit FAQ

Where is Camp Restore Detroit?

We are located at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church at the corner of Seymour and Chalmers on Detroit’s east side.

What is the neighborhood like around Camp Restore Detroit?

The neighborhood around Mt. Calvary is about 25% populated, with many vacant lots and unoccupied houses. This leaves us with lots of ground to dream about what our neighborhood can be in the future. We partner very closely with our community on all our projects and receive all our work and inspiration from them. Without our community we wouldn’t have a ministry!

Where will we serve?

We will provide your team with opportunities to restore hope within our community in Detroit. Camp Restore Detroit has a three-fold outreach in our community: Human Care, Environmental, and Construction. We will match your team’s gifts and passions with appropriate work and work sites. Some work may be done onsite at Camp Restore Detroit to benefit the immediate community. We have good relationships and partnerships with many of the community centers in our area. We also work closely with our community leaders on all environmental and construction projects. Because we work in the 9th Precinct of Detroit much of our work is only a few minutes away from campus.

Are meals provided?

Meals are provided by Camp Restore Detroit. Breakfast and dinner are eaten onsite in the dining hall, while lunches will be assembled by the campers in the mornings to be taken to the work site. Campers help with all meals.

Are there showers?

Yes! Showers are available.

Where will my team sleep?

Your team will sleep on the second floor of the Camp Restore Detroit campus building. Former classrooms have been converted into dorm rooms. Organizations have donated brand new beds and mattress. Every camper needs to bring twin sheets, a pillow, and perhaps a blanket. There are bathrooms on every floor of the building.

How large can my team be?

There are approximately 120 beds, but as long as your team doesn’t mind the floor, we do not have a maximum number. There is great gym floor for your cots, sleeping bags, or blow up mattresses.

What is there to do in the evenings?

There is a full-size gym for your use as well as many board games and a small stage. There is a small meeting room for your team’s use and the church sanctuary for your Bible study or worship (when not in use by Mt. Calvary). Wi-Fi is available throughout most of the building.

What is the charge per camper?

The charge is $45 per camper per night. Most groups stay for about a week.

Where is the nearest drugstore or grocery store?

If you need to head to the store, Camp Restore Detroit staff can recommend several good stores within a ten-minute drive of Camp Restore Detroit’s campus.

Where is the nearest medical facility?

St. John Hospital is ten minutes away at 22101 Moross Rd, Detroit, MI 48236. Go here for directions from Camp Restore Detroit.

What should I bring?

You can find our packing recommendations here. Don’t forget things like a towel and washcloth!

What if our team wants to spend a day touring in Detroit for fun?

We would love for you to get to know our city! Let us know what you would like to do, and we will help you plan your day. You are welcome to spend the night at the camp after a day of fun. A list of fun ways to spend a day in Detroit can be found here!

Are there others ways to help Camp Restore Detroit?

Of course! Camp Restore Detroit has many needs. There is ALWAYS a need for people to supply meals for our campers. You also can contact us for a wish list or to find out other ways you can be of assistance.

Fun Fact!

Detroit is known as the Motor City, and the Camp Restore Detroit dorm rooms are named after cars.

New Orleans FAQ

Where will we serve?

New Orleans works to provide volunteer groups with a wide array of opportunities for service throughout the New Orleans area. Group leaders will determine what types of projects are a good fit for their groups’ unique skills and interests.

What does it cost to stay at Camp Restore?

Camp Restore – New Orleans charges a flat per-person rate of $45/night Sunday-Thursday, and $35/night Friday-Saturday for lodging and two meals a day.

What are your age requirements?

We work with volunteer groups of all ages in New Orleans. If you are bringing a group that includes younger children (12 and under), we ask that parents or designated guardians be present with a 1-1 adult-child ratio.

Is transportation provided?

We ask that volunteer groups provide their own ground transportation to and from worksites.

Where is Camp Restore located?

Camp Restore – New Orleans is housed on the campus of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church and School in New Orleans East, at 9301 Chef Menteur Hwy, New Orleans, LA 70127.

What type of housing is provided?

Camp Restore – New Orleans’ volunteer accommodations are housed in a restored elementary school building.

Air-conditioned, dormitory-style housing, complete with bunk beds with twin-size mattresses and hot showers are provided. (Please bring your own pillows, bedding, towels, wash cloths, toiletries, flashlight, and alarm clock.)

If I’m working with another organization, can I still stay with you?

Yes, absolutely!

What options are available for Internet access?

We have free Wifi access throughout the camp.

What do I need to bring with me?

In addition to basic toiletries you’d bring on any trip, the most important things to remember are:
-work clothes you aren’t afraid to get dirty
-a pillow
-sheets and/or a sleeping bag for your bunk bed
-and a towel.
We provide group leaders with a comprehensive list of supplies to bring as part of the registration process.

Where is the nearest drugstore?

In New Orleans, there is a Walgreens approximately five minutes away at 5702 Crowder Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70127.

Where is the nearest grocery store?

In New Orleans, Winn-Dixie is located approximately a quarter-mile east of Camp on Chef Menteur (Hwy 90).

Where is the nearest medical facility?

In New Orleans, New Orleans East Hospital just opened in 2014 and is located less than two miles from Camp Restore at 5620 Read Blvd.

What if we’re not Lutheran? 

We welcome volunteers of all backgrounds and beliefs who are comfortable working alongside us and share in our mission to restore faith, home and community. Thousands of volunteers from diverse backgrounds and beliefs have joined us in this good work. We respect the personal beliefs of all of our volunteers and ask volunteers to show that same respect toward one another.

Where can I lead reflections/devotions/worship/prayer, etc. for my group?

In New Orleans, if individual volunteer groups would like to hold their own gatherings, devotions or times for reflection, there are multiple open areas, lounges, and rooms to do so around camp. The sanctuary is also available in the evening, but we ask that groups sign up and reserve specific time slots to ensure as many groups are able to make use of it as possible. Sovereign Hope Apostolic Faith, the site host and partner of Camp Restore, holds worship services throughout the week:

Sunday School at 9:00 am
Sunday Worship Service at 10:00 am
Monday Choir at 6:30 pm
Wednesday Bible Study at 7:30 pm
Saturday Men/Women Meeting at 7:00 am (occasional)

Volunteers are welcome to attend if they please.