Logo of Camp Restore, a volunteer camp providing housing, meals and service coordination for New Orleans mission trip groups since 2006.

Since 2006 we’ve welcomed over 36,000 mission and service-trip volunteers to Camp Restore – New Orleans.

We’ve come a long way in rebuilding and are now working with our neighbors to grow healthier and more resilient as a community. We invite volunteer groups of all ages to join us in this work year-round.

Camp Tour

Camp Restore New Orleans grounds
Camp Restore New Orleans grounds
Signposts at Camp Restore New Orleans with cities representing mission trip and alternative break groups.
Signposts at Camp Restore New Orleans with cities representing mission trip and alternative break groups.
Courtyard at Camp Restore New Orleans.
Courtyard at Camp Restore New Orleans.
Volunteer lounge featuring tshirts from Camp Restore New Orleans mission trip groups
Volunteer lounge featuring tshirts from Camp Restore New Orleans mission trip groups
A volunteer bunk room at Camp Restore New Orleans
A volunteer bunk room at Camp Restore New Orleans
The largest volunteer lounge at Camp Restore New Orleans
The largest volunteer lounge at Camp Restore New Orleans
Mission trip and alternative break volunteers gather in the Camp Restore New Orleans dining hall for dinner.
Mission trip and alternative break volunteers gather in the Camp Restore New Orleans dining hall for dinner.
Private shower rooms at Camp Restore New Orleans
Private shower rooms at Camp Restore New Orleans
Laundry room for volunteers at Camp Restore New Orleans
Laundry room for volunteers at Camp Restore New Orleans
Camp Restore New Orleans grounds

Service Opportunities

See what college alternative break, high school service trip and mission trip volunteers have been accomplishing with our nonprofit partners in New Orleans!

New Orleans Volunteer Housing Rates and Seasons


At Camp Restore – New Orleans we charge a flat per-person rate of $45/night Sunday-Thursday, and $30/night Friday-Saturday for lodging, three meals a day and project coordination. These rates reflect a hot breakfast and sack lunch Monday-Friday, dinner Sunday through Thursday and a continental breakfast (cereal, coffee) on the weekends.

For groups coordinating their service through another organization (United Saints, Rebuilding Together, Hands On New Orleans, NOLA Tree Project, SBP or Habitat for Humanity, for example), our weekday rate for housing and meals is $40/night.

Payment and Transfer Policies

45 days or more prior to arrival

  • Nonrefundable deposit required to secure booking
  • Fees may be paid in full by check or ACH transfer to receive a 3% early-bird discount (total will be listed on invoice)
  • If volunteer numbers are reduced, fees already paid (less deposit) may be refunded 100%, credited to a future trip or substitute volunteer, or donated.
  • If space allows, additional volunteers may be added.
  • Invoice deadline date: If you have not yet requested an invoice, we will send you one for the number of volunteers you currently have booked as of this date.
  • Last day to pay at early-bird savings rate (postmarked on or before this date).

30 days prior to arrival

  • Final payment due (postmarked on or before this date)

30 days to 1 day prior to arrival

  • Volunteer substitutions may be made at any time with completed individual volunteer forms.
  • Additional volunteers may be added at the normal rate as space allows.
  • Fee payment for volunteers added after payment due date may be made up to arrival.
  • Refunds for volunteers unable to attend may be credited 100% toward a substitute volunteer, a future trip within 12 months, or donated.


The time of year you pick for your New Orleans mission trip makes a big difference, as each of our seasons takes on a unique character all its own.

Our busiest season by far, spring is dominated by alternative spring break college and high school volunteers, though all ages and backgrounds are represented. It’s a beautiful time to be in New Orleans, as the weather is perfect and everything is fresh and green. Which means it’s prime Festival Season, with plenty of musical, food and cultural attractions to check out when done working for the day. Food of the season: Boiled crawfish.

In Louisiana it’s not just the heat that makes summertime hot (our average highs peak around 90) – it’s the humidity. However, frequent mid-afternoon rainshowers cool the air into the 70s on many evenings. Summertime is our second-busiest season, led by high school and youth service trips. Though youthfulness helps with handling the heat, it also doesn’t hurt that many project sites are air-conditioned. Food of the season: Snowballs.

Fall is our season of tranquility, when your group stands the best chance of having Camp all to yourselves. This makes it an ideal time for adult mission trip groups looking for rest and reflection when they’re not out and exploring New Orleans. Beginning in mid-September we enjoy some of the best weather in the world, consistently comfortable both day and night. It’s also great if you’re a football fan. Food of the season: Softshell crab, then oysters.

With a steady supply of spring-like weather, our winter season brings a wide range of volunteers from all over, especially from way, way up North. Mission trip and alternative break groups come together for a family atmosphere through the holidays as we build to the annual high point of the New Orleans calendar: Mardi Gras! Food of the season: King Cake.

Things to Know


Veteran New Orleans mission trip groups know that once the workday is done, they’re just getting started. Our food, music and celebratory atmosphere is world-class, and so is our history! Stroll the French Quarter, discover our food secrets and see the past come alive… there’s a whole lot to do once the day’s job is complete!

Visit New Orleans is a great place to start getting ideas!


To-and-From Worksites

Every day you and your team will be responsible for getting from Camp Restore to your work site(s), as we do not provide any transportation for volunteer groups. We recommend bringing or renting minivans or 12-passenger vans as the most convenient and efficient mode of transportation around town. Many groups have also successfully used charter buses..

Public Transportation

We don’t suggest relying on taxis/Uber, etc. or public transportation for getting to-and-from worksites. Taxis/Uber, etc. can be costly and public transit often doesn’t provide a quick route to worksites.

That being said, there are good transportation options for your free time. Our streetcar lines are a classic way to get around from the French Quarter to Uptown and Mid-City.


Our fabulous chef, Mrs. Lorraine, makes sure everyone at camp is well-fed. A New Orleans native, she loves her city and Camp Restore volunteers and it shows through her food!


A hot breakfast is provided Monday through Friday at 7 AM. Be sure to eat plenty so you have lots of energy for your work day! Our breakfast menu changes daily and you may find biscuits, eggs, pancakes and sausage on any given day, as well as cereal every day.


Each volunteer has the opportunity to pack their own lunch at breakfast, Monday through Friday, from a selection of sandwich materials, chips, fruit and dessert items provided by Camp Restore.


We offer dinner Sunday through Thursday night at 6 PM. The menu consists of everything from All-American favorites baked chicken and spaghetti to New Orleans classics gumbo and jambalaya.

Dietary Restrictions

We prepare meat-free options for those who prefer not to eat meat. Please let us know at least a week before arrival so we can accommodate anyone in your group. We often serve large numbers and it can be difficult to suit all restrictions and tastes within our limits, but we do endeavor to help meet the needs of our volunteers as much as possible.

Additionally, there is a full-size supermarket within a few blocks of Camp and we’ve made refrigerators available for use.

Helping Out

In order to help deliver the greatest value, we have volunteers assist with meal-prep and clean-up shifts each week, with different teams for each meal. Each shift, volunteers help set up and prepare, serve and assist in clean-up after the meal. Meal prep and clean-up doesn’t take long and shouldn’t interfere with your work day or evening plans.


Whether you’re planning to fund-raise to help pay for the cost of your trip or looking to raise extra funds for materials to use on construction projects, here are some ideas to help you get started!

Car Wash

Throw a car wash – it’s tried and true!


Many companies offer gift-matching and/or will make a donation in return for your volunteer service. One-to-one gift-matching and donations of up to $500 for a week’s worth of volunteer service are common! Do you know what your employer offers?


If you are a Thrivent Member, there are a number of options to help us raise funds through Thrivent!

New Orleans Night

Hold a celebration (sell tickets, feature your favorite Louisiana or Michigan cuisine and music, and throw in some beads for good measure!)

Ask For Donations

Share your plan to come and serve with your family, school, church, Facebook friends and/or neighbors, and ask them to consider supporting your service!



Restore and be Restored!

We’re working to make the Crescent City sustainable for the next 300 years while learning about ourselves and one another in the process. Join us and begin planning your next New Orleans mission trip today!