The Motor City, the Arsenal of Democracy, the Comeback City, and The D.

Whichever name we choose, we are proud to call Detroit home. Since 2016 we’ve been welcoming campers of all ages, year-round to join our neighbors and community partners in restoring hope. Be part of our comeback and plan a Detroit mission trip!

Camp Tour

Fellowship with community
Community events in our gardens
Enjoying a meal in our lounge
The lounge - a perfect place to relax after a long day!
A weekly BBQ - Yum!
The Children's Technology and Education Center
The children's house is almost complete!
Dorm Rooms
Working hard or hardly working?
Working Hard in our Neighborhood!
Community Design meetings happen many times throughout the year to plan our campus!

Rates and Payment Policies


At Camp Restore Detroit we charge a flat per-person rate of $45/night for lodging, three meals a day, and project coordination.

Payment and Transfer Policies

30 days or more prior to arrival:

  • Nonrefundable $100 deposit required to secure booking. Booking fees can be paid here.
  • Fees may be paid in full by check or ACH transfer (total will be listed on invoice).
  • If volunteer numbers are reduced, fees already paid (less deposit) may be credited to a future trip within 12 months, to substitute for a different volunteer, or donated.
  • If space allows, additional volunteers may be added.

30 days prior to arrival:

  • If you have not yet requested an invoice, we will send one for the number of volunteers currently have booked as of this date.

30 days to 1 day prior to arrival

  • Volunteer substitutions may be made at any time with completed individual volunteer forms.
  • Additional volunteers may be added at the normal rate as space allows.
  • Fee payment for amount invoiced may be made up to arrival.
  • Refunds for volunteers unable to attend may be credited 100% toward a substitute volunteer or donated.

Things to Know

Through Detroit’s 300+ year history, we’ve had our successes and downfalls, just like any other city. Despite challenges, especially in the last twenty-five years, our residents are some of the most resilient and community-driven people. We encourage each group to take some time to explore our beautiful city and the people & businesses that call Detroit home!

For a list of great places to eat in Detroit, click here!

For some of our favorite things to do in and around Detroit click here!

We believe Detroit is an amazing city with a rich history and blend of cultures! To read our short history of Detroit click here!

Click here for a timeline of Detroit created by the Detroit Historical Society.

Click here for a photo gallery comparing Detroit “now and then”.

Click here to go to the Detroit Historical Society’s YouTube page to find videos they have complied of Detroit’s history.

To-and-From Worksites

Every day you and your team will be responsible getting from Camp Restore Detroit to your work sites and back. We recommend bringing or renting minivans or 12-passenger vans as the most convenient and efficient mode of transportation around town. An added bonus, although not necessary, is space to transport equipment to and from work sites!

Public Transportation

Public transportation should not be used to get to and from work sites.

If your group chooses to go downtown, Detroit offers two fun and affordable public transport options. The Detroit People Mover is a great way to see a lot of the city, and the QLine Streetcar covers much of the downtown area.


We provide a hot breakfast for campers each morning. Our breakfast menu changes daily and you may find biscuits, eggs, pancakes, or sausage on any given day, as well as cereal and toast every day.


Each volunteer has the opportunity to pack their own lunch at breakfast from a selection of sandwich materials, chips, fruit, and dessert items.


Our dinners are sponsored by a range of local churches or community members who provide a great variety of local cuisine!

Dietary Restrictions

If anyone on your team has dietary restrictions, please let us know as soon as possible so we can accommodate them. We try to meet the needs of our campers as much as possible!

Additionally, Camp Restore Detroit staff can recommend many grocery stores within a ten-minute drive, and we have refrigerators available for camper use.

Helping Out

We ask campers to help set out lunch supplies, as well as assist with breakfast and dinner. A team of approximately two or three people will be assigned to help with each meal. Cleaning up doesn’t take long when we all work together, and it won’t interfere with work days or evening plans.

Whether you’re planning to fund-raise to help pay for the cost of your trip or looking to raise extra funds as a donation, here are some ideas to help you get started!

Car Wash

Throw a car wash – it’s tried and true!

Employer Matching

Many companies offer gift-matching and/or will make a donation in return for your volunteer service. One-to-one gift-matching and donations of up to $500 for a week’s worth of volunteer service are common! Do you know what your employer offers?


If you are a Thrivent Member, there are a number of options to help us raise funds through Thrivent! Look into creating a Thrivent Action Team here.

Ask for Donations

Share your plan to come serve in Detroit with your family, school, church, Facebook friends, and neighbors. Ask them to consider supporting!



Restore Hope!

We are at an exciting time in Detroit’s history and hope you can experience the restoration happening in our community with us!