College Alternative Break

“We have about one hour left in New Orleans. At the conclusion of this epic, we will return to the 505 fatter, more appreciative, and loaded with memories. The work done this week was both meaningful and rewarding. This adventure was more than a community service experience; it was a reminder of humanity’s continued resilience…”

– University of New Mexico

“This week showed just how resilient humanity can be, and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to be there to hear everyone’s stories.”

– Cheryl Frazier, Barry University / Stamps

“This is an opportunity to be exposed to something beyond our realm of understanding–to take part, to help, and to learn, about ourselves and other people.”

– Kait Kuzio, Mount Aloysius College

High School Service Trips

“This trip has been a great experience. It opened my eyes to the first hand destruction that still remains because of Katrina. It was also great to see the community banding together and how so many people are still dedicated to rebuilding and helping the less fortunate.”

– Tommy Albertson, La Salle College High School

“My favorite memory in New Orleans was working with the different people there. We got to see a wide range of people, from youth to elderly. They were all good people who were so negatively affected by what happened in Katrina. It was heartwarming to see their perseverance in everything they went through.”

– Stephen Patrides, Loyola High School of Los Angeles

“…working in the Gulf has made me appreciate what I have and given me the chance to give back, even in the smallest way to those less fortunate and trying to rebuild their lives.”

– Weston High School

Mission Trips

“What impacted me the most during the week was my interactions with other people.”

– Doug Pingle, St. John Lutheran Church – Indianapolis

“It was wonderful to see God’s hand at work in each of the mission team members.”

– Dave Moll, Chicago-Area Mission Partnership (CAMP)

“As I look back on the week, there are many experiences that will shape my opinion on my community for the rest of my life. Many people in New Orleans are trying to help bring back the sense of community and it is such a neat experience to see and participate in this past week.”

– Jasmine, Marysville Youth Group

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