For almost a hundred years the message of salvation has been shared on the corner of Chalmers and Seymour in Detroit at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church. As Mt. Calvary’s membership and the surrounding community declined, the remaining members never stopped looking and praying for a way to reach their community. God answered their prayer in a way they never imagined.

An opportunity arose in 2016 for Mt. Calvary to open Camp Restore Detroit, housing and feeding volunteers from across the country and connecting them with our community to serve and share God’s love. In an unimaginable way, Mt. Calvary was provided an opportunity to multiply their endeavors.

Three years later, the ministry on Chalmers and Seymour is very much alive and active. Camp Restore Detroit continues to be an answer to many prayers. Last year, a camper group felt led to approach a house in the community. They were hesitant because this is not the typical way we partner with the community but knocked anyway. The team was amazed when a woman answered the door in tears. She had scraped together her last dollars after her husband passed away to rent equipment to clean and fix her house. Today was the last day of the rental and she did not have enough hands to finish. She was literally  her living room praying for help when the team knocked! What an amazing afternoon Camp Restore Detroit’s campers experienced serving and sharing God’s love!

This is just one of the many stories of answered prayers to come from the ministry of Camp Restore Detroit! Many of you, as past campers or volunteers, likely have your own incredible stories to share! This #givingtuesday please prayerfully consider financially supporting Camp Restore Detroit as they continue to be an answer to other’s prayers. Most importantly, we are asking you to pray for Camp Restore Detroit as we work in our community around Mt. Calvary. Please pray for our community, volunteers and campers, and Camp Restore Detroit’s staff and Board as the ministry continues to grow. Thank you so much for your support of our ministry!

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