Thank you Summer Staff!

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Thank you to our summer staff! 

As the summer has officially wound down, we want to say an incredibly huge THANK YOU to the staff we were able to have throughout the summer.  The end of the busiest season at CRD is bittersweet.  We are all letting out a sigh of relief – especially when operating in the midst of a global pandemic! – that the season went well.  The 9th precinct community led many projects that will serve the community for years to come.  We are so incredibly thankful for all the projects we were blessed to be a part of this summer.  Check out our Facebook and Instagram to see some of the projects our campers worked on this summer!

At the same time, we have to say goodbye to our summer staff.  We were certainly blessed this summer by all the hands that came to help take care of campus and our campers. 

Thank you to….

Olivia, who answered a panicked, “We are short-staffed, please come now!” call.  She showed up, was given little direction, and jumped right in without missing a beat!  We are thankful for her willingness to serve and be flexible! 

Rachel, who came to us with an engineering degree and experience on a farm.  Our tool sheds and equipment have never been in better shape and our landscape is cleared of blight with her bobcat skills!  We are thankful for her leadership and vision.

Josiah, who brought a heart to serve the community and share God’s love along with a hefty dose of energy. We are thankful for his heart and passion for ministry!

Sarah, who came in May and June, has a heart for Jesus and sharing His love with others.  She was Elizabeth’s right-hand person in setting up camp, purchasing food, filling up the canteen, and organizing our food pantry! We are thankful for her love for ministry and organizing!

Sam, who lives and works locally, so we hope to see more of him!  He came on the scene at the last minute when other staff had to return to school.  He too jumped in and learned as he went.  We are thankful for his willingness to jump in wherever needed, whether it be last-minute bus rides or building out tool sheds!

Three people that were awesome summer staff, but will still be here….

Sanquise, whom you will hear more about soon, watched and took in camp quietly finding things that needed to be done, and slowly worked her way up to identifying problems, finding solutions, giving group talks, and hosting pop-up events!  We are thankful for her attention to detail and her thoughtful solutions and her desire to impact the community positively.

Harmony, our administrative assistant, also took on extra responsibilities on campus this summer, coming to campus to take pictures and interviews to share with each of you.  She also jumped into any role needed on campus.  We are thankful for her willingness to serve and her ability to keep us all on track!

Carla, our community cook!  Carla cooks for us any time churches do not bring food.  She fries up some chicken, makes salads, and even individually wraps desserts for us!  She brings a crew to help and is always taking pictures.  We are thankful that she will be around throughout the year to cook for us and keep us company as we just love both her and her crew!

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