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As Thanksgiving approaches, we are celebrating what we are thankful for at Camp Restore Detroit! Our ministry wouldn’t be possible without so many incredible people and supporters! We could not begin to touch on all the things we are thankful for, so we have decided to highlight four.

The third aspect of our ministry we are thankful for is our generous sponsors! This year Camp Restore Detroit was blessed with multiple donations and grants to further our ministry! God has provided for us in more ways than we could ever imagine!

“White” House

This summer the LWML voted to support Camp Restore Detroit with one of their mission grants! The grant is to renovate our Outreach Houses and provide funding for outreach programs. Although not much work has been done on the house yet, we are hard at work behind the scenes finalizing the house design and construction plan. We are hoping to get a new roof on the house this winter so campers and local volunteers can begin the indoor renovation!

Spring Garden Haven

Trinity Lutheran Church in Clinton Township, MI sponsored and completed the amphitheater in the Spring Garden Haven. We are so thankful for their support, and cannot wait to finish this space for our community and campers to have a lovely outdoor space to walk, pray, reflect, and relax.

Redeemer House

Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Birmingham, MI is one of Camp Restore Detroit’s largest supporters and founding partners! Besides leading the construction on our dorms, Redeemer has recently taken on the construction of our second Outreach House, the Redeemer House! We are so thankful for everything they do for Camp Restore Detroit!

So many other generous donors support projects at Camp Restore Detroit, and we could not possibly name them all! Just know if you support Camp Restore Detroit financially, with your time and service, or simply by telling others about how God is working in our community, we are so thankful for YOU! Our ministry would not be possible without our wonderful supporters! Thank you!

Would you like to support Camp Restore Detroit? To sponsor a specific project or learn more about coming to Camp Restore Detroit as a camper, send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 313-530-3522. Donations can also be made online by clicking the button below!

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