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Camp Restore Detroit in Review 

Happy Tuesday!  The next few weeks we are going to be doing a quick overview, send you our 2019 highlights, and then tell you all about our plans for the future!!  Daily updates on Social Media will do this in small snippets as well.


Who are we?
What is Camp Restore Detroit?

Camp Restore Detroit is an organization that works to share God’s love by joining our community partners to restore hope, home, and community. We house and feed volunteers both locally and from across the US. Some groups come for a day, others come for a week. Together with our community, we are working to restore the 9th precinct of Detroit.


Restoring Hope: We share God’s love and the hope we have in Jesus through our words, actions, and relationships.

Asset-based Community Development: Here at Camp Restore, we view all people through the grace and love of Christ. This lens focuses our vision on Asset-based Community Development (ABCD). ABCD defines Camp Restore Detroit’s relationship with the community and the ways in which we serve.  We are all created equal and we all have our own gifts and talents.  So instead of walking into our community and telling our neighbors what is wrong and how to fix it, we seek out the good that is happening, come alongside our neighbors and support where we can. We value the hopes, dreams, and leadership of our neighbors and everything we do is community driven. A community leader once told me, “We have so many dreams for our neighborhood, we just don’t always have the hands to do it. Camp Restore provides the hands and the hope that we need to make our dreams come true.” Every person holds immense value–we want everything we do to build our neighbors up.



Community Involvement and Leadership: What really sets Camp Restore Detroit apart from other organizations is that Camp Restore Detroit is a ministry of our community. This means our community is integrally involved in the leadership, decisions, and plans of Camp Restore Detroit. We want our community members to have leadership roles on our Board, committees, programs, initiatives, and projects. In partnership with local community organizations and leaders from the 9th Precinct, we work to restore our community by supporting the dreams and goals of our community and raising up community leaders.

How do we determine what projects happen in our community?

Everything we do is driven by the community. We work closely with our Community leaders and Neighborhood Police Officers to identify the projects that could use extra hands under the guidance of community leaders.  Currently, we are working with leaders to create more opportunities for our neighbors. Our community has so many hopes and dreams for our community–all we have to do is ask and be willing to listen to their hearts.

Support Community Leaders: Our community leaders were hard at work improving the 9th Precinct long before we ever arrived. They are amazing leaders with vision and direction. Camp Restore has multiplied the efforts of these leaders with all the extra hands and feet we bring to our community to assist with these efforts.

Campers and Volunteers: Our campers and volunteers who come to work with our community are housed and fed right on our campus. During their stay, there are so many opportunities to get to know our community. Through these interactions we are combating negative stereotypes about Detroit, learning more about one another, and sharing God’s love through words and actions.

Community Restoration: We are creating long-term, sustainable, community improvement programs – at scale – while serving as a beacon of hope for a brighter future for residents in Detroit’s 9th Precinct. We want our campus to be a place community members can come to learn, serve, and engage with one another and our volunteers to restore our community.


Go to www.camprestore.org/donate/ to support CRD.  Typically, our annual funding comes in through overnight volunteers in the summer, which is currently suspended.  Our goal is 333 people committing to $20 per month.  Any gift, large or small will help get us to our goal.

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