Lord, thank you…

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Lord, we come to you today with grateful hearts for what you are doing in our community.

Thank you for our community, and for the many hearts that work hard to restore hope in our neighborhood. For the determination, resilience, and leadership that our neighbors have.

Thank you for the many campers that give their time to serve in our community. For their hard work and dedication to learning new things. And for their willingness to get out their comfort zone and serve, even when they are uncomfortable.

Thank you for the many deliveries that have come in preparation for work on our outreach houses. For the people than have worked hard to get them to us and the people that have kept track of them.

Thank you for air conditioning! And for Donna Hollis, who donated air conditioning units to keep our campers comfortable and cool while they serve You.

Thank you for your love and compassion. For watching over us and keeping us safe in all that we do. Thank you for the opportunity to praise you today for your work in our community and the great things you have in store.

In Jesus name we pray, Amen.



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