Our campus has changed significantly over the past week. Work on our children’s outreach house and community gardens has blown us away, and we are so excited to share these updates with you! Here are some things that have changed or been added in the past week:

  • Campers installed a wire fence with a farm gate for easy access to the gardens, which will help to keep trash and debris from blowing on the gardens and stop illegal dumping
  • Workers built a Farmers Market pavilion with an angled roof for future rain collection
  • To use rainwater in the gardens, campers installed an angled roof and gutter on top of the lawn mower shed
  • A gravel walking path meanders from the corner and around the garden boxes and trees, providing a pleasant place for neighbors to get some exercise. Eight laps is equal to one mile!
  • The garden boxes now hold vegetables and the flower boxes hold additional flowers
  • The outreach house has all new windows and doors
  • Workers added slate blue siding to the house, changing it from “the white house” to “the blue house”

We are so grateful to Knox Presbyterian for all the work they accomplished over the past week! To see more photos, follow us on Instagram or Facebook using the name Camp Restore Detroit.

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