The construction work campers complete at Camp Restore Detroit is a special way for us to connect with our community. Community members fill out a Restoration Service Application telling us a little bit about themselves, how they are involved in our community, and outlining the work. This helps Camp Restore Detroit staff assess the work and assign the right group of campers to complete the project. Projects can range anywhere from painting, to putting up drywall, to a new roof! Some teams also help with construction projects on Camp Restore Detroit’s campus, especially as we finish the dorms upstairs and now with the start of restoration on our Outreach Houses (read more about that here!)

The Restoration Service Applications also ask for the community member’s partnership in the project. Community members are asked to provide the materials for the project and help as much as possible. Construction projects are an amazing way for campers to connect with community members, hear stories from our community, and share their own stories! If you would like to partner with Camp Restore Detroit on construction projects contact us at [email protected], 586-764-2285, or click the button below!

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