Camp Restore Detroit – September Updates

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Happy October, Camp Restore Detroit friends! Can you believe how quickly this year is going? As we head into a new season and month here are some things we celebrated in September and are looking forward to in the seasons ahead!

Summer 2019 Debrief

This past week we had two wonderful meetings planning for and dreaming about the future of Camp Restore Detroit! A big thank you to everyone who took the time to fill our our Summer 2019 Survey and attended our Debrief last Thursday. There were so many good conversations about Camp Restore Detroit which continued the next morning at our CRD Board meeting. We are all so excited for the ways God has worked, is working, and will work in our community! Stay tuned for exciting announcements in the future!

Drywall Days

This weekend (October 4-5) we are putting up drywall in our dorms upstairs! Due to many unforeseen delays, the rooms we were hoping to have ready by this summer are finally in the last stages of construction! We will be hanging drywall starting at 8:00AM on both the 4th and 5th. Come join us! We love having as many hands and friends present as possible, and lunch is on us!

Prayer Requests

October is a busy month at Camp Restore Detroit! Please consider adding these to your prayer list:

  • Prayers for the camper groups coming in October
  • Prayers for CRD Staff as we travel to the All Pastors’ Conference in Michigan and the LEA Convocation in Saint Louis, Missouri
  • Prayers of thanksgiving for all the incredible ways God is working in our community
  • Prayers for those helping with the drywall project happening this weekend at Camp Restore Detroit
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