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This weekend was a busy time at Camp Restore Detroit! We welcomed a camper group to complete a project with a community member and a wonderful group of local volunteers put up the walls in our dorms upstairs!


This week we welcomed back a group of campers from Trinity Lutheran in Muskegon, MI. Trinity was one of the first camper groups to ever come to Camp Restore Detroit! We love having them back every year and continuing our partnership with their wonderful volunteers. This weekend they finished a fence for a community member they have worked with the last two years. It’s so special when campers create long-lasting connections with our community! Thank you to Trinity for your continual partnership and all you do to serve our community!


After an anxious week of prayers, waiting for permits and inspections, and God’s perfect timing we finally got the clear to put up the walls in our dorms this weekend! Some wonderful local volunteers from Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Birmingham and North Congregational Church in Farmington Hills worked all day Friday and Saturday to install insulation and put up the drywall in our dorms. The work isn’t quite finished yet, but they accomplished so much! We can’t wait for all the campers we will now be able to welcome with this additional dorm space! Thank you to everyone how prayed over this project and all our wonderful volunteers!

Prayer Requests

October is a busy month at Camp Restore Detroit! Please consider adding these to your prayer list:

  • Prayers for CRD Staff as we travel to the All Pastors’ Conference in Michigan and the LEA Convocation in Saint Louis, Missouri
  • Prayers of thanksgiving for Trinity Lutheran and their service in our community
  • Prayers of thanksgiving for God’s provision and all the volunteers who helped drywall our dorms this weekend
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