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We have worked with a team of community leaders to plan for the future!!  This was such an exciting process and we are incredibly excited to continue to work together to see what God has in store!  If you are interested in a more detailed version, we have attached it below!  Do any of these spark your excitement?  Opportunity to join a volunteer team coming soon!

Community Engagement & Leadership

  • Support both new and existing Block Club leaders
  • Continue and build more partnerships with the NPO, area nonprofits and churches, and community leaders
  • Involve community members in planning, implementing, leading, and volunteering in new programs and initiatives
  • Create community-wide, long-term, sustainable, community improvement programs while serving as a beacon of hope for a brighter future for residents in Detroit’s 9th Precinct

Community Resource Campus

  • Green space:
    • Develop currently owned green space
    • Partner with Block Clubs and provide volunteers to clear blight
    • Provide tools, materials, and support for Block Clubs to maintain land
    • Acquire vacant land to provide the opportunity for community led new construction and urban farming, with community run farmer’s markets, greenhouses, orchards and community gardens, as well as potential new homes/co-op construction
  • Education: (more can be found below)
    • Create needed education programs for both adults and children in our community
    • Convert commercial buildings to workshops, training centers, community centers, food banks and distribution centers, and equipment storage facilities
    • Provide resource centers for recovery programs for those involved in narcotics and human trafficking

  • Homes:
    • Purchase residential homes to renovate and create a rent-to-own housing program for local residents and Team Restore graduates seeking a home
    • Renovate community members’ homes as part of skills training initiative

Volunteers & Supporters

  • Utilize volunteers from within the community, sister congregations, and across the nation
  • Finish dorm renovation project and begin plans to continue building improvements
  • Set up an online reservation and group management system
  • Continue building partnerships with community volunteers and sister congregations to set up long-term, consistent volunteers for outreach programming
  • Build a strong donor base 
  • Create ministry resources and partnerships to share the ministry, vision, and values of Camp Restore Detroit and our community with others

You can continue to support our ministry by praying for us or by donating at www.camprestore.org/donate/

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