Wow! What an absolutely incredible week of service! Last week, we had a group of campers from Concordia Student Ministries in Houghton, MI. This team worked hard and worked with joyful and willing spirits. Throughout the week, they worked on four different community gardens, cleaned up 7 lots, and worked on painting our dorm rooms. It was truly a joy to have them with us here in our community and we praise God for the work that was accomplished!


Saturday we welcomed a group of campers from North Dakota State University! They will be serving with us this week and we are so very excited to watch God in action through our team. Please pray for our volunteers as they work hard in service as the hands and feet of Jesus in our community. Pray for our community, that we may work together to restore our Detroit neighborhood. Pray for our staff, that God’s will would be done in and above anything we have planned. 


What to stay updated on what is going on each day at Camp? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @camprestoredetroit to keep up! We are thankful for you, for your support and for your prayers. God bless you now and always!

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