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Meet the Griswold family! We met these awesome people three years ago at one of our community barbeques and we have been blessed by their presence ever since. The Griswold family has lived in Detroit for three years and Malcolm serves as the pastor of Reformation Church Detroit. They are incredible people who are on fire to share the Gospel with this great city. We recently asked them a few questions and this is what they said:

What do you wish others knew about Detroit?

“Detroit’s weather makes it difficult to develop close relationships, year-round, but if you work to initiate relationships in the summertime, you can find some warm hearted people.”

How have you seen God at work in your community?

“I’ve met several people who make it their personal mission to serve the physical needs of the people in the community. Churches have stepped up by increasing food drive-thrus and food and toiletry box deliveries.”

What is your hope for Detroit?

“Our hope for Detroit is to see a city that once thrived, do it again, on all sides of the city, not just downtown. (Pride in their communities, homeownership, entrepreneurship, reduced reliance on  government assistance, etc.) We would like to see people saved by the preached Word of the Gospel. They should be trained by the church to be urban missionaries, so then they can preach the Word and others can be saved.”


We love the Griswold family and we have been blessed and encouraged by their work in our community.


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