Camp Restore Detroit Summer Highlights 2: Campers

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Construction and Home Repairs

During June and July, Camp Restore Detroit was bustling with campers doing incredible work in our community. All the work campers accomplished at Camp Restore Detroit is requested by people in our community. It is very important to us that we do not go into the community and tell them what they need, but instead help and support them with their projects. We partner with our community, creating and strengthening relationships along the way.

This summer campers worked with a variety of community members and their families on construction and home repairs. Work included everything from fence building, to electrical work, to painting. We work hard to use the gifts and talents of our campers and pair those with work requests from our community to provide the most fruitful experiences for everyone involved!

Blight Removal

One of our biggest projects this summer was clearing sidewalks. Many of the sidewalks near Mt. Calvary are so covered with grass, overgrown trees, and garbage residents are forced to walk on the street, putting them in more danger. One of our community leaders walks with her children to the Head Start preschool at Mt. Calvary but the sidewalks on their route are extremely overgrown making them unsafe. In some places the sidewalks were so covered it was impossible to even tell there was a sidewalk! Many of our groups worked tirelessly picking up garbage, shoveling multiple levels of sod off the sidewalks, and cutting overgrown branches. Although it was back-breaking work, the campers agreed it was worth it to see our community leader skipping down the sidewalk free of garbage and grass!

Outreach Programs

Over the summer, campers staffed five different Vacation Bible Schools in our community! Every Monday we hosted a Kids’ Night on the playground for local children. Other outreach programs included a game night and a wonderful Kids’ Day hosted by an LWML group. These outreach programs give us a great way to stay connected with the children in our community year-round, and we are so thankful for the campers who made them possible!

Looking for a place to serve in 2020? Churches, youth groups, school groups, families, college groups… No matter the age, we have a place for YOU! We are already booking for the 2020 season, so click the button below to register now! We can’t wait to serve with you!

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