Camp Restore Detroit Summer Highlights 1: On-Campus

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The summer season at Camp Restore Detroit is quickly coming to an end. So many exciting things happened this summer from kids’ programs, to construction, to blight removal, and we cannot wait to share them with you! Campers accomplished incredible work all partnering with our community, along with many other exciting events and updates. There is too much to share in one post, so check back each Monday in August as we share our biggest highlights of the summer!


This summer campers and local volunteers continued to work on our upstairs housing for campers. At the beginning  of the summer local volunteers built twenty bunk beds for additional rooms while the dorms are under construction. The electrical work in the dorms is almost finished and we are so close to drywall going up and painting! We cannot wait for these rooms to be finished and for all the new groups we can welcome when the space is completed!


Some great work was accomplished this summer on both the Reflection Garden and the Community Garden on Camp Restore Detroit’s campus. The Reflection Garden now has a beautiful brick path, and we are excited to continue seeing the construction and landscaping happening in this area. The Community Garden has a layer of mulch, and we are waiting for dirt to fill our garden boxes. We are looking forward to completing this project and opening the “Garden of Eatin’” to the community next spring.


Elizabeth Parrish, the Director of Christian Education and Outreach Intern at Camp Restore Detroit and Mt. Calvary completed her twelve-month internship in May. Elizabeth accepted the Summer Camp Director position and stayed through July. The summer staff was completed by Mikala Dalton and Bethany Mrosko, the new Director of Christian Outreach Intern. Elizabeth and Mikala finished at the end of July. Bethany will continue at Camp Restore Detroit and Mt. Calvary through June 2020.

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