September 14, 2020 Newsletter

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Greetings from Camp Restore Detroit! There have been so many unexpected blessings in the midst of Covid-19 days. We were sad to not have campers here this summer, but God has been moving in incredible ways.
This summer, we had the opportunity to talk with our community about the dreams our neighbors have for our neighborhood. We have attended countless community meetings, listening to the hearts of those around us.
There has been a lot of work accomplished on our renovations for our campers spaces! We are so excited to be able to house campers once again and these renovations are getting us so much closer to that point. We are so thankful to all those who have come down to help make this happen.
Work has been happening on our community houses as well! Every time we look at the houses, we can’t help but dream of the programs and events, but mostly the people who will fill these buildings. We continue to pray that God would bless the work that is happening and the people who will someday gather together in this place.
Volunteer Groups
We are working hard to open our building up to family groups/small groups to be able to come serve with us once again. There is so much work to be done here in the 9th precinct and we want our neighbors to know that they are not forgotten despite what is happening around us. This weekend, we had our first group of day campers come back to serve with one of our community members. It was truly a gift. If you would like to come serve with us for a day, please let us know! We would love to get you connected.
There has been a lot of planning and organizing for the future that we pray will bless our neighbors, our future campers, and the city of Detroit. We are so thankful for all who have supported this ministry and continue to pray for us during these days. May the God of Peace continue to bless you now and always.
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