Reflections on Preparation and Isaac

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by Lynn Kelley

Tropical Storm Isaac is my first personal experience with such potential disaster. There is so much work to do to get ready for hurricane survival, even a tropical storm.

Publications and web-sites have put out guides and lists to follow in order to prepare citizens on what to do and gather: Get a two week supply of necessities, clean up around your property, store repair supplies, put together your hurricane kit, gather together your important papers, figure out your evacuation route.

Who prepares our heart? As I struggled to follow all of these lists; I wondered where God was, what I was going to do, and where I was going to go.

God is omnipresent, so of course, He is right here with me, with you, and with us. But, He seemed to be so far away from me, as I attempted to check off all the preparation lists and figure out all the answers to my questions.

What about 7 years ago, almost to the day, on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina?  New Orleanians are still recovering – in body, mind, and soul; citizens still need help with the restoration from back then!  Camp Restore is still here, by God’s grace – upon grace! We still need volunteers to help restore faith, home, and community, in the Name of Jesus Christ. We still hope for miracles – for volunteers to come and help restore, with us.

But now, what about the water? It’s being forecasted that now Hurricane Isaac will bring us rain for like 36 hours. Winds are predicted to be between 40 – 70 mph, with gusts up to 80 – 100 mph. And what about the storm surges, as Isaac pushes the water in the Gulf towards us? We are under flood and tornado watch also.

As I wondered on all these things, it was announced that the Mayor of New Orleans was to have a press conference. As the noon hour came along yesterday, Mayor Landrieu finally announced that citizens ought to shelter in place. This declaration gave me comfort! After all, Isaac was still a tropical storm. New Orleanians don’t usually evacuate until a hurricane is category 3. Nonetheless, now I was able to concentrate on preparing to shelter in place: Get my three days of non-perishable foods, water, flashlights, batteries, allergy medicine, etc.

As I burst through the door to go and fill-up my cooler with ice, I was drawn to the sky. It was dusk. As I looked up into the sky above me, my heart jumped for joy!  There were not one, but two rainbows in the sky! The moon, shining bright as a star does, was in the middle of the bows.

Then my heart knew where God was! He reminded me! My LORD and Savior Jesus Christ is right in front of me, always preparing my heart to trust in Him above all things; hope in Him above all things, and believe in Him above all things…have faith in Christ and His promises…and Isaac, he was Abraham’s son. Isaac believed and trusted in the promises given to Abraham and he was saved.

As the rain begins to fall now, I will remember. One of God’s promises, from the first chapter of Joshua says, “Just as I was with Moses, so I will be with you. I will not leave you or forsake you. Be strong and courageous… being careful… for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go… only be strong and courageous.”

Won’t you walk with Him? Trust and serve.

+ Lynn Kelley

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