Hunkering Down

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by Emily Lancaster

We are so so so lucky. I can’t begin to express the amount of good vibe emails and phone calls that have been sent our way. Thanks for all of your calls, texts, emails and thoughts.

I am ‘hunkering down’ at a friend’s house near Audubon Park. We’ve had a relaxing day of a run in the park, breakfast at our local coffee shop and lots of games being played. It has basically been a slumber party with some of my closest friends!

As the day went by we saw more storm clouds, felt stronger wind and heard the rain spitting down from above. We are prepared for the power being out for an extended amount of time and some strong winds and lots of rain. As I write this we have not had power for about an hour. I know this will pass and we all look forward to the coming days where we can dust ourselves off and get back to work.

Please continue the prayers for us along the Gulf Coast- especially those who are in low lying areas or outside of the levee protection system.



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