In the Elements After Isaac

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Following Hurricane Isaac, Wanda was left to the elements. Her front door was blown open; the glass in the door slid to the floor, making it impossible to close. Her side doors were blown in.

As I understand, FEMA came with help. They installed a canvas to cover the door opening that could be opened and closed.

I got a call from Kathy asking me if we could repair Wanda’s door, using funds raised by First English Lutheran Church in Metairie and matched by Thrivent.

A wonderful group of volunteers from California took on the task. They repaired, sealed, painted and replaced the broken lock.

Miss Wanda in the red.

The side doors were a different story. Everything – the doors, side panels and walls were rotted out. Thanks to this wonderful group of volunteers, the repairs were made, new doors and locks installed, and walls rebuilt!

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