The Calm Before The Storm

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by Pastor Goodine

People talk about the ‘calm before the storm’ which is where we are at the present. We have done all those things that can be done; we have stowed all our gear; we have battened down the hatches; we have gotten our ducks in a row and now we wait.

Forecasting has improved over the years, there is a noticeable difference from even seven years ago. The story that there is a storm ‘out there’ has been a major story since last Thursday. It has been a long time. It will hit seven years to the day since Katrina. There are questions about the levees and about all the preparations we have made. How will what we have done stand up to a storm? We will find out soon.

There is always a storm coming. How do we live today? We come from a tradition where Jesus said tomorrow has enough worries of its own. We will work on dealing with today. Thank you, all of you, who have checked in to see how things are in New Orleans. Thanks to those who are making preparations to help in case there is major damage here. Thank you for all who pray. Thank you especially all who have given, and continue to give to help those who struggle. Through the past seven years we have seen people reach out to help. We are reminded that we do not face the storms of life alone.


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