Not “Goodbye” but “Hope to See You Again…”

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It seems like yesterday that I was moving to New Orleans with a gambit of emotions when thinking of what was to come in my life. A little over five years ago I got trapped by New Orleans’ love when it wrapped its arms around me and didn’t let go.

The past few months I have those same emotions of anticipation, excitement, and nervousness as my husband, Beau, and I prepare to move across the country to Portland, Oregon. Beau serves in the Coast Guard and we have been expecting to move for the past year or so. The orders came on Mardi Gras Day that we would be starting a new, exciting adventure on the West Coast.

While this blog serves as a ‘good-bye’ to many people I have met through Camp Restore, it is even more so a ‘thank you’ to the relationships built, lessons learned and the continual reminders that there continue to be so many wonderful people doing great things in this world. During the majority of my adult life I have been surrounded by incredible volunteers who became my community. I am unsure of what my professional career holds in the coming years but I do know that I will never be able to replace the memories made and people I have met through this job that I have been blessed to have.

As I complete my last few weeks of work, I hope to hear from some of you and also hope that our paths cross again one day in the future.


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