Date Night With New Orleans

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by Emily Lancaster

My love affair with New Orleans began five years ago when I packed up my apartment in Richmond, Virginia and headed down in my trusty ol’ Jeep and saw the ‘Welcome to Louisiana/Bienvenue en Louisiane’ sign that welcomed me to the great state I now call home. I was single, having just signed up for a year of service through AmeriCorps and had no idea where my life was heading or how long I would be calling New Orleans home. Turns out, the city wrapped its hot, sticky, humid arms around me and didn’t let go.

Throughout these years, I have made incredible friends, volunteered with exceptional organizations, and found my ‘place’—to put it simply, I have lived the phrase ‘eat, drink and be merry.’ When others ask me what it is about New Orleans that I love so much, often times, I can’t put a finger on it. The soul, the music, the festivals, the people, and (of course) Carnival Season—they all contribute to the reason I feel everyone should love New Orleans!

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to meet a man that I now call my husband. He had recently moved to New Orleans and wasn’t completely sold on the Crescent City. I decided it was my responsibility to enlighten him and lead the way to really experience New Orleans. He was kind enough to oblige and just this past month we were able to enrich our love for New Orleans by getting married here. Our Uptown ceremony and French Quarter reception was our own special date night with our beloved city.

We had such an incredible weekend celebrating with our friends and family and are thankful for the love and support that many of you—volunteers—have sent our way.

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