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by Rev. David Goodine

In New Orleans we are in the midst of the Carnival season and everything that surrounds the Super Bowl is coming into town. The parades have been going nearly every evening with the accompanying floats and beads and the city is doing its best to put its best foot forward. We are recovering in many ways, and New Orleans is a hot spot for new businesses and entrepreneurs of all stripes. In that mix there are some people that progress has bypassed. We continue to work in New Orleans East and in the Lower Ninth Ward, utilizing volunteers from across the country to refresh, renew, and recreate communities that have been stressed by multiple causes. There is a lot of work to do.

At Trinity in the Lower Ninth a doctor from Tulane was looking for community involvement because of the potential closing of clinics for pediatric care in parts of the city. I also know of cutbacks at the LSU Interim Hospital that offers care for the most vulnerable people in our city. These problems are not only found here, but perhaps because of some of the constraints we function under the populations are struggling more.

At Camp Restore we have been greatly blessed to have volunteers from across the country that give so much of themselves to help with the various needs that arise. At the present time about half of our volunteers work in community projects and half are involved in rebuilding. This past week the reading from Nehemiah tells of the challenges faced in rebuilding Jerusalem. Ezra and others worked tirelessly to engender support for the effort. It took a great deal of time, but when the time was right it was done. We continue to work at the restoration here and pray that in many other places across our land that people will step forward with their skills to be a part of this work here and in their own communities.


Pr Goodine

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