Looking Forward to 2013… Already?!

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by Emily Lancaster

I got an email from one of my favorite volunteer group leaders just a few days ago as she was booking her trip for January, 2013. Is it already that time again? It seems like it was just a few months ago that I saw her last! This spring and summer certainly have flown by and the staff at Camp Restore are going to take a much needed breather during August before welcoming teams this Fall.

When I moved to New Orleans in 2008, I wasn’t sure where the road would lead me but I certainly didn’t expect that we, as a city, would be fortunate enough to continue to welcome volunteers year after year. We are so grateful and lucky to have your help. I am so fortunate to be able to look forward to seeing familiar faces year after year of people who can call New Orleans their second home.

Even more so, I can’t believe how many new groups are coming to volunteer with us! Just last week, we had six church youth groups in Camp and not one of them had been here to work with us before! It was an incredible week for all of us!

While Camp may be quieting down, my inbox is not! I have begun to receive lots of emails to book groups for the Winter and Spring of 2013. Colleges and Universities that take advantage of Alternative Winter Break and Alternative Spring Break are making a difference in New Orleans by staying with us volunteering all over the city. Adult mission teams are coming down in force and I am certain lots of work will get done in 2013!

My hope is that you will be a part of that work and come volunteer with us!


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