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Volunteers who stay at Camp Restore – Baton Rouge are encouraged to write in our journal and connect with others who have passed through. Entries will periodically be featured here:

Some volunteer groups work on one project or spend their time helping one homeowner during their stay at Camp Restore Baton Rouge. But one crew from Spokane, Washington had a different experience!    The group installed drywall for a family with young children, moved donated furniture into a 2nd-story apartment, helped a man and his wife relocate, installed some cabinets, and worked with an elderly member of Trinity Lutheran Church.

Five jobs in 5 days!

“It is a blessing to be here,” one of the volunteers said. “We are grateful our Lord has worked through the hearts of your congregation at Trinity to establish and support this ministry. It is surely needed here in Baton Rouge!”

One expressed that he just felt like he should be doing more. “I think nothing of going and spending  25 dollars on a bottle of wine or spending $100 on dinner. What better could I be doing with that money? For [the family we just helped] that money could be life changing.”

They saw first-hand how many different people needed help rebuilding after the flood. If you are considering coming to Baton Rouge to volunteer, we can use your time and talents! Even if you’re not as strong as the Spokane 3, there is much work to be done, and all varieties of skill sets are welcome.

Come on down to Baton Rouge!

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