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We are so excited to share with you one of our newest partnerships here in the 9th precinct! Camp Restore Detroit has recently partnered with Building Better Men to provide a safe place to learn and grow.

Building Better Men provides life skills and literacy enhancement programs, early career exploration, and recreational activities for males ages 8-18. The organization works to show young men that they can be successful despite the challenges associated with absent or uninvolved fathers while enabling them to become productive members of society.

This summer, Camp Restore Detroit hosted Building Better Men’s program called Chess and Chew. Here, young men gathered to learn life skills as well as the game of chess. The partnership between Camp Restore Detroit and Building Better Men will provide young men with access to many programs such as this one, as well as tutoring, while also providing a safe place to gather and learn. 

Together, Camp Restore Detroit and Building Better Men will work to restore hope and empower young men in the great city of Detroit! To learn more about Building Better Men, visit We encourage you to check this great organization out! You can also look forward to seeing Building Better Men’s Odis in our Virtual Fundraiser on December 4th! Click here to register Hope to see you there!

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