September 13, 2012-

Two weeks after Hurricane Isaac came ashore, a clearer picture is emerging of the damage left in its wake.

In Braithwaite, LA, south of St. Bernard Parish, Kathy Wendling and Lois Sullivan recently met with several affected families who are connected to RAI through the Spirit of Hope program. (For the past year RAI has provided case-management and support for fishing families out of an office in St. Bernard Parish.)

One family of three bought their home in Braithwaite after relocating following Katrina. A fishing family, they were also heavily impacted by the BP Oil Spill of 2010. Before evacuating for Isaac, they moved everything to the second floor, which then flooded with three to four feet of water. This was significantly more flooding than was experienced during Hurricane Katrina.

With a $10,000 grant from LCMS World Relief and Human Care, RAI’s caseworkers have begun to assist families with their food needs, as everything was lost due to either flooding or loss of power for more than a week.

Reflecting on the situation, Kathy Wendling recalls her family’s own experience with flooding in Chalmette after Katrina. “All we need right now are hands – hands of people to help.”

More volunteer groups will be arriving at Camp Restore this weekend, and more are booking further into the Fall and Winter. An update on the situation in LaPlace will be coming soon.


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