Top-10 Reasons to Join Us at Camp Restore

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New Orleans has always been a magical place that defies complete description. Our history as a city reaches back almost a century before the founding of the United States. For the past eight years over 20,000 volunteers have come to Camp Restore to take part in one of the most critical periods in NOLA history, and we continue on this journey together in exciting new ways.

Here are my Top-10 reasons to join us at Camp Restore – New Orleans:


1. We’re working with great people. Our local nonprofit partners are doing amazing things throughout our community. It’s inspiring to serve alongside passionate New Orleanians who are doing everything they can to build a better NOLA!


2. Odds are you’ll make friends for life. When we ask how’s your mama ‘n dem, we want the full report, hear?!


3. There is plenty of important work to do. As we weave our community together, we’re also working to protect it for future generations through wetlands restoration and other environmental projects.


4. Amazing food. Gumbo. Jambalaya. Étouffée. Shrimp. Boiled crawfish. Oysters. Redfish. King cake. Bread pudding. Red beans and rice. Beignets. Muffulettas. If only we had enough time to sample everything… want to help?


5. Learn more about yourself. The variety of service and work we do is a great opportunity to discover hidden talents and passion you might not be aware you have.


6. Great music. Louis Armstrong was just one of many fabulous jazz musicians to come out of the Crescent City, and our musical heritage continues every night of the year. Festival season takes it to another level, highlighted by Jazzfest and French Quarter Fest. And don’t forget about Zydeco from Cajun country.


7. Grow closer with those you serve with. In everyday life it can be difficult to find the time to really get to know friends, family, classmates and coworkers on a deeper level. Taking a week to serve together provides a meaningful, distraction-free opportunity to strengthen bonds.


8. Our history runs deep. New Orleans is a mix of French, African, Cajun, Native American, Spanish, Caribbean, German, Irish, Italian, Vietnamese, Hispanic and American culture, and I know I’m missing a few. Our world-class museums and attractions reflect three centuries of life as an international city.


9. Beautiful climate. It’s just as well that New Orleans doesn’t have mountains, because we never get any snow for skiing anyway. We encourage sunscreen, but more than a few of our northern volunteers have brought home sunburns in January to make their friends jealous.


10. It’s a low-cost trip. NOLA is within driving distance of a large portion of the country, and we provide meals, housing and project coordination for $40 per volunteer/night.

There are plenty more, but until I do a second list you’ll just have to come visit to find out!

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