In Their Own Words: Volunteer Journal Stories

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Volunteers who stay at Camp Restore – Baton Rouge are encouraged to write in our journal and connect with others who have passed through. Entries will periodically be featured here:

“Three of us from Our Savior Lutheran in Missouri came down, not knowing all the lovely things God had in store! Our lives have definitely been changed. God has a way of doing that! We’ve met amazing servants throughout our stay, some of whom have become lifetime friends. We had the privilege of working at Trinity Oaks to remodel the space for volunteers. We also worked with a family in Baton Rouge, helping a man move his belongings to storage. Keep his family in your prayers!  We may not understand why things happen, but we can never forget how great our God is and that all things can work for His good. We are called to fulfill his purpose and I’m certainly glad and always joyful to do that.”

Editor’s Note: The family the volunteers worked with is currently living in a motel. The wife suffers from a life-threatening chronic disease and it is not safe for her to live in their home. The assistance in moving their salvaged belongings into storage brought her husband to tears. That which may seem routine to us is the same thing that God uses to show His love to His people.

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