Getting Work Done in the Lord’s Time

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“Can you tell me what we are going to be doing in New Orleans and when?” This is one of the more common questions that we receive from people coming to New Orleans to help with rebuilding the city. Walt related this story to me this week about what often happens.

One of the leaders of a group of volunteers was concerned about what was going to happen with his group. They were scheduled to work on a house in need of repair. The homeowner was supplying materials, but over the weekend her mother was taken to the ER and was still there on Monday. So there were no materials ready for the work. Walt and his crew adjusted, the homeowner returned and got the materials ready for Tuesday and the work went on.

The volunteer leader told Walt on Friday, “I guess the good Lord gets done what he wants in his time. We had a great time and the work got done!”

The good Lord does get done what he wants to get done, and thank God it is still happening among us.

Pr Goodine

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