Isaac-Inspired Poetry

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by Lynn Kelley

As I sat at my desk on Wednesday evening debriefing after my first hurricane, I began to write these words.

I feel like a hurricane; Issac is his name.
I’m spinning around and around, no where to go;
Somebody help, Issac is moving way too slow.
Jesus hears my cries; the rain falls from my eyes.
My heart is overshadowed with clouds; the wind is too loud.
Suddenly, the clouds begin to clear as Jesus comes near.
He only can make my heart shine again. Amen.

Not like Katrina, Issac was a category 1. Yet, so much damage was done in outlying areas. How people need your help, again.

Nathalie, a member of Prince of Peace, wrote the following:

Hurricane Isaac came like a thief in the night
Stealing our power putting out the light
The wind how it roared the people got bored
Being in the dark from morning to night
Through it all God kept a hand on our city;
thought it was dark oh what a pity
We were hot it was miserable;
Isaac didn’t care he was very inconsiderable.


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