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A week after Hurricane Sandy rolled ashore in New Jersey and New York, hundreds of thousands in the Northeast are still without power, and thousands of dwellings have sustained storm damage. In time, the full picture of Sandy’s long-term impact will emerge. Those involved in the early response and recovery efforts will recognize the difference between what is reported on the news and the reality on the ground, which are often two different things in situations like this.

Our hearts go out to all of our volunteer alumni friends (and their neighbors) in the Northeast, and we pray for a swift and effective recovery process. We’ve been reaching out to our past volunteer groups to check on their status, and will continue to do so in the days ahead.

We’ve received several inquiries as to whether we’re going to establish an operation similar to Camp Restore in the Northeast. Organizationally, our mission is focused on the New Orleans area, but we fully support the development of similar volunteer operations that equip and empower people to put their gifts and abilities into action serving others. We are available to provide assistance in organizing such operations, as the need for them is identified by local leaders, if this turns out to be the case (if there’s one thing that we’ve become very sensitive to over the years, it’s about not making presumptions about the needs on the ground without being there.)

Several of our nonprofit partners involved in early-response include Lutheran Church Charities and Pastor Ed Brashier of Shepherd’s Heart Ministries. Through our contacts we’ve arranged for the donation of a vehicle to the Atlantic District.

Going through a hurricane is at best no walk in the park, and at worst devastating and life-changing, in a bad, bad way. Our friends in the Northeast now share a common bond with New Orleans, and together we will continue to rise above, restore, and become better prepared for future storms. Please keep them in your prayers.

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