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Well, we’ve finally done it – we, the staff of Camp Restore are starting our own blogs here at camprestore.org. Our goal is to provide you with a window looking in to the daily life at Camp, the worksites all over the city, and the latest happenings around NOLA from the viewpoint of New Orleanians.

This probably won’t go into Julie & Julia territory, but we will have posts on food and we do plan to have some fun with it.

So, without much further ado, I’m going to write about my favorite thing about Springtime in the Crescent City:

Boiled Crawfish.

Also known as Mudbugs, but definitely NOT CRAY-fish.

As it happens, Crawfish aren’t readily available in most parts of the country, but are plentiful in Louisiana. Which means they’re usually a foreign concept to someone like me from Nebraska.

That unfamiliarity hasn’t prevented me from twisting, pinching, pulling and eating something close to my body weight in crawfish in one sitting.

When it’s all said and done and there is a mountain of crawfish heads in front of me with no more left to eat, I take comfort in the fact that no matter how hard I wash my hands, a glorious hint of the scent of Cajun seasoning will linger on like fine cologne.

Yes, it may sound a bit crazy, and maybe a lot of work, but crawficianados (see what I did there?) all over will tell you they’re worth it!


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