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Yesterday was a day of juxtapositions. The news was focused on what happened at the end of the Boston Marathon; the explosions and how many people were hurt. All sorts of questions were being asked about who may have done such a horrific act.

I am not sure what to call it coincidence or something else, but in camp this week we have three groups from Massachusetts. All of them are not far from Boston, and one young man told me his cousin was running in the race and his mother was in the stands. His cousin finished about a minute before the explosion and his mother saw what happened.

These groups numbering over 100 students were here to help restore faith, home, and community in New Orleans. While they were concerned and aware of what was happening back home they remain focused on what they are doing here. They continue to work hard, connect with people, and share their hope with the people that they meet.

It is a privilege to work with the kind of people that come to Camp Restore. Each of us knows that tragedies can happen anywhere. We also see that God places people to help in the midst. Sometimes that may be us.


Pastor Goodine

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