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Thrivent Financial for Lutherans is a faith-based, nonprofit membership organization that’s the largest fraternal benefit society in the U.S.

Over the years, Thrivent has provided us with a tremendous amount of support for our efforts to restore faith, home and community in New Orleans.

If you are a Thrivent member, there are two ways you can help us make a difference through Thrivent: Thrivent Choice and Thrivent Care Abounds in Communities.

Thrivent Choice

Depending on your involvement in Thrivent, you may be eligible to direct Choice Dollars to the qualified nonprofit of your choosing. The Thrivent Choice page at provides options to direct funds online or by telephone. We are listed as RAI Ministries, Inc. (our incorporated name), a Social Ministry Organization in New Orleans, LA.

Thrivent Care Abounds in Communities

If your group is planning to raise funds for building materials to use on projects you’ll work on during your stay at Camp Restore, you can double the impact of your efforts by up to $1,600 through Thrivent Care Abounds in Communities. It’s not as simple as Thrivent Choice, but can provide a bigger impact.

Group Leader Diane L. from Tallmadge, Ohio has made use of Care Abounds in Communities for more than three years to widen the impact of her group’s home restoration efforts, and is willing to walk through it with anyone interested. Contact Us and we’ll put you in touch with her! She writes:

“The rules for obtaining the Care Abounds in Communities [funding] are easy for anyone planning a mission trip through Camp Restore. First, you need a minimum of 6 Thrivent Member volunteers, all from different families. Then you need the name and address of a homeowner in need. Camp Restore will supply the name of the homeowner in need. Your local chapter board of Thrivent Financial will provide you with the details for processing the funding.

While you are there working you need the volunteer members of Thrivent to work on the designated home, save all the receipts and complete the necessary paperwork after the trip. Thrivent will reimburse up to $1,600 of the funding for building materials (depending on the amount of funds available at your local chapter).”


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