Eight Years

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I was reminded this morning – as if I would have to be – that it has been eight years since Katrina changed the lives of people all along the Gulf Coast of the United States. One person sent me a text – it still stings. That person has a home restored, family is together, and life is proceeding onward. For many that is the case. For some there are challenges that remain. Some still live elsewhere; many properties are uninhabited; many challenges remain for us.

There are other places in the US and world that have some of the same challenges. Whether it is from the sudden effects of tornadoes in Joplin or Tuscaloosa, or from Super Storm Sandy in the Northeast, or if it is from demographic shifts that Detroit and Flint have experienced, or from a crumbling infrastructure in many of our cities we face challenges. Yesterday was the fiftieth anniversary of the march on Washington where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke the words that echo still, “I have a dream.”

I hope that we all have dreams of what might be, whatever they are. I dream, hope, pray, and work that the Church of Jesus Christ might reach out into the communities around them to rebuild buildings, communities, and especially relationships. Jesus came in the flesh and through his body the church continues to reach out to bring forgiveness, hope, and healing to all. Let us continue to remember who we are that we might reach out to our sisters and brothers with the love given to us.

Pastor Goodine

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