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Meet Sandra Turner-Handy! Sandra is the leader of the Denby Neighborhood Alliance and the president of the 9th Precinct Community Relations Council. She is an incredible leader who we have been blessed to work with over the years. Sandra is passionate about the environment, mentoring young people and making Detroit a better place. With Sandra’s love and passion for people, Camp Restore has had the opportunity to meet and serve with many neighbors, creating strong connections.


Meet George Preston! George is the president of the Mohican Regent Homeowners Association and has been an amazing partner and leader for Camp Restore Detroit volunteers. He is dedicated to making his neighborhood a safe and well kept area where people can enjoy living life together. George has been working with us for many years now scheduling projects for campers in his block club and he has recently joined our board as the Director of Community Projects, overseeing and scheduling projects for the entire 9th Precinct!


Meet Wendy Edwards! Wendy is the beautification coordinator for the Mohican Regent. She is a strong leader who is working hard to beautify her neighborhood by turning a vacant lot into a gorgeous community garden. What was once a place for crime and destructive behavior, is now becoming a place of refuge and shared fellowship under the care and hard work of our friend Wendy.


Meet our Neighborhood Police Officers! These officers are dedicated to seeing change in the great city of Detroit and they work hard to keep everyone safe. We work closely with our officers to ensure that Camp Restore Detroit can continue to work in our city without causing harm to our neighbors and while keeping our volunteers safe. Without this partnership, Camp Restore Detroit would not be where we are today.


Meet Roxanne Jones! Roxanne is a mom of three young beautiful kids. Her and her husband, Donald, started an urban farm by taking over the vacant lots of land around their home that had been overtaken by garbage.They work hard to beautify the city, as well as provide for their family. The Jones are incredible people who are such a gift to our community and to Camp Restore Detroit.

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